Tips to Clean Your iPhone

In this article, I will tip on how to Nighthawk App clean your iPhone efficiently and why did necessary to do it right now. Let me inform you something about your iPhone that you might have never think about. An average phone has 5 times more germs than to toilet seat. Most people have never known this fact. The bacteria and microorganisms such as E.coli and Streptococcus. So, it is very important to clean your phone at least weekly.

Tips to Clean Your iPhone
Tips to Clean Your iPhone

But there is a way to clean your iPhone. You can not do it with the conventional method because iPhone has circuits if came in contact with the battery could shortcut your iPhone motherboard and that will result in total loss of motherboard and data stored on the data storage disk. You can not use household cleaning products to clean your smartphones as those chemicals could damage your screen or speaker of your iPhone.

How to Clean My iPhone

Now let’s get started with the methods by using which you can clean your iPhone without any damage. I always recommend you to follow all the given methods to remove dust particles from the speaker and camera lens. Make sure you do not use any magnetic or electromagnetic surface to clean your iPhone as that could result in loss of data stored in your phone.

  • First, switch off your iPhone and remove all the cables plugged into it. Even unplug the headphones from the device before performing the cleaning steps.
  • Now use a lint-free soft cloth to give a simple wide all over the iPhone, Make sure it is not wet with any kind of liquid.
  • You should not use something which is harsh and could stretch your iPhone screen or metallic phone body.
  • After simply wiping the iPhone now you another cloth and make sure that cloth is soft and dip it into a modest soup solution and then wipe it again all over the iPhone.
  • Then again wipe a clean dry cloth Download Nighthawk App for Computer on the iPhone and all the dust will be swiped off with the cloth.
  • Use a cold air blower to remove all the left out moisture.
  • Don’t spray any chemical to the iPhone, any kind of bleaches, etc.

I hope the above-given cleaning tips for your iPhone have helped you to make your iPhone look new again. If you have any questions then contact the team and they will assist you further with your concerns. Bookmark this webpage for further updates on iPhone and tips for iPhone.

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