Will There Be a Season 7 Of Outlander? – Everything We Know So Far

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From Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series of novels comes a historical drama TV show. It premiered on Starz on August 9th, 2014, and was created by Ronald D. Moore. Caitriona Balfe portrays Claire Randall, a married former Second World War military nurse in Scotland who is brought back in time to 1743 in 1945. After a chance encounter with a handsome Highland warrior from Gabaldon’s fictitious Clan Fraser of Lovat (Sam Heughan), she falls in love and marries him.

Outlander, the first novel in the Outlander series, serves as the basis for the first season of the television series, which was released in two half-seasons (known as Cross Stitch in the United Kingdom). The second season of Dragonfly in Amber, consisting of 13 episodes, aired from April to July of 2016. The 13-episode third season, which was based on Voyager, aired from September to December 2017. The third Season was inspired by “Drums of Autumn,” which aired from November 2018 to January 2019. The fifth season of 12 episodes based on The Fiery Cross aired from February to May 2020.

The series, which is based on the novels A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone, has been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, each with eight episodes. The sixth season will premiere on March 6, 2022. A prequel series was said to be in the works in February 2022.

There were many unanswered questions at the end of the sixth season of Outlander on Starz—yes, that was the ending for a season that was cut short due to the pandemic.

Starz’s sensuous time-travel drama Outlander, now in its seventh season, has become a massive hit. The seventh season of Starz’s Outlander will premiere in 2021. Season seven will consist of 16 episodes based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series and the seventh installment of the Outlander saga, An Echo in the Bone.

Outlander Season 7 Release Date:

An official release date for Season 7 of Outlander hasn’t been set yet. This season of “Outlander” is now in production, and the cast and crew have returned to work. official Twitter account for the show, which launched a month ago,

Outlander Season 7 Release Date:

The seventh and final season of Outlander will air in 2023. Perhaps it will show on Starz like the first season. We’ll see what happens next.

Outlander Season 7 Cast:

Season 7 of Outlander will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s sixth and seventh Outlander novels, A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone.

The following actors are almost certain to return due to the fact that all of the main characters feature in those books:

• Sam Heughan (actor) (Jamie Fraser)

• Caitriona Balfe is a British actress (Claire Fraser)

• Rankin, Richard (Roger Mackenzie)

Sophie Skelton is a British actress (Brianna Mackenzie)

Fans may also expect to see familiar faces return, such as:

• John Bell is a writer (Young Ian)

Lauren Lyle is an actress and model (Marsali)

Cesar Domboy (Cesar Domboy) (Fergus)

• Caitlin O’Ryan (Caitlin O’Ryan) (Lizzie)

• David Berry is a writer (Lord John)

Because the current season must address cliffhangers from the previous season, some of the newer cast members may return to finish their character stories, such as:

• Vlahos, Alexander (Allan Christie)

• Mark Lewis Jones is a writer (Tom Christie)

• Brennan Martin is a writer (Wendigo Donner)

• Chris Larkin is a professional hockey player (Richard Brown)

• Gorman, Paul (Josiah and Keziah Beardsley)


Graham McTavish’s return to the Outlander cast is likewise eagerly anticipated by fans. Dougal Mackenzie, Jamie’s uncle, appeared in the first two seasons of Outlander alongside Sam Heughan in the TV series Men in Kilts. As Dougal’s cousin Buck, he returned in season five, telling Digital Spy he was always up for another season.

“Buck… In my opinion, ” He trolled her. He’s definitely in the books, but I’m not sure where. I think he appears in volumes 7 and 8, but…” Do you know what I’ve learned in this business? The performers are always the last to find out!

The 7th season will be based on the book Echo in the Bone.

“We can’t wait to go into the writer’s room and begin cracking Echo in the Bone and look forward to bringing the fans another season of this amazing story,” added Roberts.

Outlander Season 7

American, British and Canadian cities are all featured. The book’s cover image is a caltrop, which reflects the novel’s internal structure. The Romans utilized this ancient military weapon, which is like a child’s jack but has sharp points, to repel elephants, and the Highway Patrol continues to use it to stop fleeing criminals in automobiles to this day. In the midst of the American Revolution, there are four primary plot lines: Jamie and Claire; Roger and Brianna (and their family); Lord John and William; and Young Ian. (1777-1778/1972)

Season 7 will consist of sixteen episodes

An epidemic meant that Outlander’s sixth season was condensed. No need to be concerned, though, fans. Starz has just announced a new, sixteen-episode season seven to make up for the “droughtlander.”

Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts said in a statement: “We are delighted to get into the editing room and work on bringing the fans one step closer to rejoining the family back on Fraser’s Ridge. In order to provide the fans with the most vivid and active season possible as soon as feasible, we have made the decision to abbreviate the season in 2021 due to an unprecedented set of obstacles. When things get back to normal, Dinna fash, we’ll shoot an extra 16 episodes for Season 7 next year.

Executive producer Maril Davis even went so far as to describe the upcoming season as “supersized” in an interview with ET.


Where can I watch seasons 6 and 7 of Outlander?

As of the right moment, STARZ is the only site to see the sixth season of Outlander. However, this is a STARZ series, therefore it’s frustrating for those who want to watch it on Netflix. It’s understandable that a pay-TV network would wish to limit access to its channel lineup. The STARZ App is a good place to view episodes.

Who will play William in Outlander season 7?

Jamie’s adult son has been cast, according to TVLine. Actor Charles Vandervaart will portray William Ransom, the adult version of Jamie’s child from season three.

Are there any spoilers for Outlander Season 7?

Although Balfe believes the two Season 7 scripts she got in late 2021 would be “difficult” to shoot, no plot elements for Season 7 have been disclosed. While she was still nursing her infant, she received an email containing the first two scripts. She said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast by Josh Horowitz: “I started reading the first episode, but my eyes crossed.”

The first two episodes have come in my mailbox, and we’re back on track. Shooting for a year is going to be quite difficult. “We’re going to gird our loins,” says Dougal McKenzie. On the subject of Season 7’s year-long filming, she made a joke. Sam will have completed his sixth almanac by that time, which is a significant accomplishment. “Energizer” is the name I give him. I’d appreciate it if you could send some good vibes my way.’

Trailer of Outlander Season 7:



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