Steam Lunar New Year Sale start time in 2022

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Valve hasn’t yet officially announced that we’ll be getting an Steam Lunar New Year Sale scheduled for 2022, however as with all sales the dates have been been leaked by developers who’ve received early information of the sale. So if you’re anxiously waiting for when the Steam Lunar New Year Sale beginning time, here’s the date you can anticipate incredible savings.

This year’s Steam Lunar New Year Sale is scheduled to start on January 27, at 10am PST or 1pm EST/ 6pm GMT and lasts until February 3 According to leaks of information obtained from SteamDB. The sale will begin at the standard Steam reset time for stores which is usually expect to see the store shut for a couple of minutes following the start of the sale. The discounts will be visible usually shortly after the beginning time, but don’t fret.

It will be the first Steam sale to begin in 2022. The 2021 Steam Winter Sale lasted a couple of days through January. So, it is likely to offer similar prices to the sale that just ended in the event that you’re not buying anything that you were looking to buy, now is the right time to buy.

This is a personal recommendation to avoid buying any game you don’t intend to play. It’s likely to be as affordable and perhaps less expensive at the time that the next sale is around. However, with coming to the steam Deck announcement date approaching, perhaps you’re looking to increase the number of games in your collection.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale

When Does Steam Lunar New Year Sale Will Start?


Valve hasn’t yet revealed the exact date, however, leaks have already confirmed it will be a Steam Lunar New Year Sale that will begin on January 27.

The sale is expected to last through February 3, and there is a high possibility that Valve will revise its lineup prior to the end of the sale.

Based on the latest events According to the latest news, the most recent event, Steam Lunar New Year Sale will be at 6.30 pm GMT the following Thursday.

The last time it was held, the event offered discounts on thousands of games as well as new methods to alter the profiles of players.



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