Steam Deck – Release Date, Price, Specs

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Valve’s long-anticipated gaming console handheld Steam Deck has finally hit the market. The company said it would be available by close to the month of February, and it appears that it’s about to be delivered. Customers who have ordered the device will receive an email on February 25 and will have three days to place an order, as shipping will begin in February.

But, Valve isn’t able to fulfill all orders until February 28, which is why it’s sending invitations on a weekly schedule on a first-come second-served basis. This means that those who booked their seats prior to the date will receive Steam Deck first. Steam Deck the first.

The deposit you pay is deducted from the final price, and it is not possible to alter the settings you selected at the time of making your reservation.

The 64GB model is priced at $399 US with the 256GB and 512GB models costing $529 and $649 respectively.


Steam Deck Release Date

Steam Deck Release Date

The gaming handheld PC developed by Valve was originally planned to begin shipping in December of this year however, issues with the supply chain have delayed delays, pushing the Steam Deck release date back to February 2022. However, Valve recently stated that it is confident that it is certain that the Stream Deck is protected from delays in the future.

Steam Deck Price

Steam Deck Price

Three versions that comprise three versions of Steam Deck are available, with slightly different specs, but with wildly different prices. The basic model will set $399/PS349 and comes with 64GB of storage on eMMC. For $529/PS459, it is possible to upgrade your device into the Steam Deck with NVMe storage of 256GB that includes the exclusive Steam Community Profile bundle.

The most expensive $649 / PS569 screen comes with 512GB of high-quality anti-glare etched glass which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use. It is also equipped with a larger than a boujie case for carrying however it comes in an identical retail package ( complete with Portal Easter eggs).

Steam Deck Specs

Whatever model you pick it will provide the same gaming performance. The APU features a quad-core eight-thread AMD Zen 2 CPU running at a base speed of 2.4GHz and an additional 3.5GHz boost clock along with the RDNA 2-based GPU. The APU also comes with sixteen gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM which should make the device future-proof.

It has an IPS touchscreen that measures 7 inches with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels and a maximum 60Hz refresh rate. While the colors will not sparkle as brightly as the screen that’s on Switch OLED, Nintendo OLED however, the deck should have excellent viewing angles. The brightness peak of 400 nits would be ideal for outdoor gaming because the Switch Light is able to deliver excellent performance at only 338 units.

It comes with all the buttons you’d expect to see on the top PC controller as well as two trackpads and a gyroscope. It also allows you to easily upgrade the Steam Deck’s storage using the use of a microSD card. This is a must for the 64GB model, as the operating system will consume 15% of the internal memory.



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